When do I get my payments?

Your payment schedule is set in our contract with you, where you can find the specifics.

Clearhaus offers daily, weekly or monthly payments to merchants.

For daily payment, we pay you 5 business day after the transaction is completed. For example, if the transaction is completed Monday the money will be transferred to you next Monday.

At weekly payment we collect transactions for the period from Tuesday to Monday and pay them to you Thursday.

At monthly payment, we pick up all transactions for the month, and pay you the first business day of the following month.

Clearhaus sends your payments in the morning on the payment date. When they are available at your bank account, depends on how your bank handles the payment.

If a payment is set to a date that is not a Danish banking day, then the payment will be postponed to the next banking day.

(All payment dates in our "Dashboard" are "Close of businessday" meaning that the payment instruction will be generated after close of business that day and forwarded to the bank the next morning)

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