Authorization, Capture and Refund

When the customer pays in your shop, we reserve the amount for you on the customer's account. A reservation is valid for 7 days.

A reservation can not be canceled later than 30 days after it is made.


When the product is shipped, you must withdraw the amount from the customer's account - a capture.

You can not make a capture later than 180 days after the approval date.
You can make a capture on the reservation full amount or a partial amount.

If you make a capture after 7 days and up to 180 days after the approval date, you can expect to get the money, but you risk in each case to receive a chargeback.
If you want to return the money to the cardholder that you have received via a capture, you must make a refund. You can refund the full amount or part of the amount.

A refund must be made within 180 days of the date when the last capture is made.
The above rules are general and there may be deviations for individual products and situations.


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