How to respond to a chargeback

When you log in to the Dashboard ( and go to the tab “Cases”, you can see that a case can have 4 different stages: New, Open, Pending and Closed.

  • New: We await that you handle the case. You can respond to the chargeback by sending the necessary documentation or accept the chargeback.
  • Open: Once you have handled the case, it changes status from New to Open. Now we can respond to the issuer / cardholder.
  • Pending: Awaiting upload of documentation from the issuer/cardholder, after which the case is transferred to you - New.
  • Closed: The case is closed because you have either accepted the chargeback,  replied within deadline, or not replied within deadline.

What to do

“Click” on the case under New.

In the first screen, you will see a description of the cardholder's chargeback.

There is also a list of the documentation you need to upload to us in one single PDF file if you want to answer.

At the bottom of the page you'll see three tabs:

  • Comments: Here you / we can add a comment.
  • Files: Here you can upload your PDF file with documentation. You can also see the files, that are uploaded on the case.
  • Events: Background information on the case.


To accept the chargeback you must:

  1. Click "accept" on the right side of the screen

The chargeback is now accepted and closed.


If you choose to respond to the chargeback, you must:

  1. Click the tab "Files"
  2. Click "Upload new file"
  3. Select the file you want to upload.
  4. Once the file is uploaded, click "respond" on the right side of the screen

You have now responded to the chargeback, and we can continue handling the case on your behalf.


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